Malta Film Awards 2022

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The Malta Film Awards 2022

The Malta Film Commission is excited to announce Malta’s first ever edition of the Malta Film Awards. Malta’s Cinematic history spans both servicing as well as local production and we want to take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on those individuals and projects that have raised the bar for Malta’s Audio-Visual sector reaching levels of excellence.

The Malta Film Awards will be held in January 2022 at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta and will be broadcast live on Television Malta. The Malta Film Awards are being organised by the Malta Film Commission within the Ministry of Tourism and Consumer Protection with the support of the Malta Tourism Authority, and the Public Broadcasting Services within the Office of the Prime Minister.

Supporting Our Local Industry

The Malta Film Industry is a Success Story dating to around 100 years.

It was the ambition of our people and the ability of our crew that kept the film industry going from one generation to the next. We have come together, and we have succeeded together, with Malta’s name always at the forefront.

Today, we want to recognize those who have made this success story. And that is why we are organizing the first edition of the Malta Film Awards.

Your story is our story: the talent, ability, hard work, and creativity of our people – of which we are so proud. This is Malta’s Story – A united country, working together for success.

We are proud of the first hundred years of our story. We must now strive to continue writing this success story for future generations and build a sustainable industry for the benefit of everyone. We want to make Malta a World- Class Film Industry.

We must commemorate the success of our country’s history. You are the success. You are the basis of our dream and ambition – to create a world-class film industry in Malta.

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